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Displaying a message in the statusbar

// Set amessage
this.ccsb.SetMessage("A message to display...");

Performing an action that requires a connection to a CRM server

When your program needs to perform an action that requires a connection, and your program didn't retrieve yet an organization service, use the method AskForConnection of the class ConnectionManager. The only argument of this method is an object that will be included in the eventarg returned in the event ConnectionSucceed.

private void btnWhoAmI_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    if (this.service == null)

private void WhoAmI()
    WhoAmIRequest request = new WhoAmIRequest();
    WhoAmIResponse response = (WhoAmIResponse)this.service.Execute(request);

    MessageBox.Show(this, "Your ID is: " + response.UserId.ToString("B"));

Open custom proxy settings dialog


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