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Connection Controls for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 makes it easier for developer to implement discovery and authentication mechanism in their winform projects.

You'll no longer have to code discovery, selection and use of a connection to CRM 2011 server.

You want to use this control in your own application. You can! I just ask that you indicates somewhere in your application that it is using this connection library

Thanks for that!


InApp Connection control

Allows you to create/edit/delete/connect to a connection

Each connection has an icon to identify quickly the type of connection (CRM Online, OnPremise and IFD)


Connection selection dialog

Can be opened from your application code behind (see documentation)

Allows to create a new connection from the list


Password dialog

When the user try to connect to a connection which used custom credentials, the password is requested as it is not stored in the connections file


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